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Project update

My first attempt at creating an Android app is going along very well. Now that I am over that first big wall of figuring out how to copy the premade SQLite database into usable space, I am now adding features left and right and getting the results that I wanted. So far I have been able to pull a random word from the table, pull a random word from a category and a random word that has been marked by the user for needing more practice. The latest part of the code that I have been able to get working is updating the marked word column with a toggle button. Next I will be working on creating the screen menu and a full menu screen as well as creating an Android made database. That database should be very easy and should not give me very many problems. Famous last words as one would say.

I have been talking with a friend and I have decided to post all of my code on this site. I really want to clean up the code a little and add some notes before posting. Hopefully someone will find some of it useful when trying to build an app. If you think my code may be able to help you with your project, let me know and I will post it early and just make edits as needed.


It has taken me some time but I have finally been able to do it. I was able to copy my premade database into my app and I have pulled rows of data from it. I will work on cleaning the code up and putting comments into it. Once I am finished with the edits I will post the code to a page on this site. It was very exciting when my app loaded into the emulator without errors and the database appeared to be copied over. I did have a problem where it looked like only half of the data from the database was copied over. My test database comes to 8kB right now and the emulator was only showing 4kB worth of data. I don’t really know what was the problem and I will need to look into this more but I found out that if I checked if the database was there and if not ran the copy again after doing that check the database fully copies over without a problem. I am now working on the other functions of my app and hopefully I will soon have a large part of it working.