I have been making some good progress on my first app and getting it slowly working the way I want it to. I have added Speech Recognition that will allow the user to say what they think the Spanish word is in English and I compare that word with the one from my database then notify the user if they are correct or not. I have also added Text-to-Speech (TTS) so the user can hear how the word is pronounced correctly when learning how to speak the language. The next items that I will be working on will be the settings database, the menu and the settings page. I don’t think it will be very hard to get those working but it will take a little time to get everything I need created.

When trying to copy my premade SQLite database into my app I found this website on ReignDesign that helped a lot. It showed me how to modify the database to work with Android and some code to get it working. It took me some time to play with the code in order to get it to work for me but I was able to get it working. Bellow is the code from the website that I used.

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