I am a very technologically driven person and ever since I was very young I loved to take apart electronic items and see how they worked and I put them back together mostly. Growing up I loved everything electronic and new technology. In high school, I had to change electives so I choose the electronics class. I started the class very late in the year and excelled  in the class and passed all the other students, finishing all the class material with a little over a month left. I loved the class and that made my career choice very simple, I wanted to go to college and learn more about electronics.

After two years of college I graduated with an AAS in Electronics Technology. I did not get my dream job out of college like my friends from the college electronic class and I fell into working for a few companies in the Quality Assurance department as a document writer and later as an Electronics Technician. After a few years working in the QA line of work I finally was able to get my dream job and I am currently working for a semiconductor company as a Technician in an Engineering group.

I received an Android phone and started looking into everything people have been doing with the platform. I became very fascinated with the Android app development and started learning how the OS works and all the options a developer has to play with. I will like to document the tricks that I will have learned during my app development and the projects I am working on. Hopefully I will be able to help future app developers.