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I have been reading the Android Development site trying to find exactly what I need to copy my SQLite database into the usable area of my app. Also, one of my friends let me borrow an Android Development book that he bought some time ago and I have started to read it. The book covers up to Android 2.0 and still works very well today because most of the important APIs were created in Android 1.5 and the book goes into great detail of the major functions of apps. I have found a few methods that should work that I want to try out and all I need now is some of that all important free time to sit down and experiment with the code. I plan on finding some of this free time soon and I will let you know about my findings.


World of Android

Hello everyone. In this blog I will be talking about my projects and the things that I have learned during my adventures of Android Development. I just started to develop on Android and I have learned much. I hope to make this blog very informative to share the things that I have learned and help fellow Android Developers.