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The Magic of Layouts

I have been playing around with layouts and figuring out what each layout is best used for. The Android Layout Tutorials does a nice job going over the basics of the layouts and widgets (objects visible to the user) and I highly recommend at lease looking the code over. I have not found a use for the Linear Layout in my projects yet but I think I have fallen in love with the Relative Layout. The Relative Layout is so easy to use, you create a widget and tell it where on the screen you want it to be located then you can tell another widget to sit next to the first one and so on. Here is a screen shot of a layout that I created using the Relative Layout.

I will be working on using the Tab Layout, List View and Table Layout in my project as well and I look forward to master those layouts as well. Android has made it very easy to create a good-looking GUI (Graphical User Interface).


First App Idea

For my first set of apps I will be creating a flashcard app that will be useful for learning different languages. It will be using a SQLite database that I will create and Android will use to copy into and use the data for the apps use. My first creation will be simple and have English and Spanish words. You will be able to touch the displayed word and hear the punctuation and when ready you will have to say the correct translation and the app will verify if you are correct. There will be a few other features that I will be working on to enhance the user’s experience. I will add another post about my progress and things that I have learned along the way hopefully not too far from now.

Hello everyone. In this blog I will be talking about my projects and the things that I have learned during my adventures of Android Development. I just started to develop on Android and I have learned much. I hope to make this blog very informative to share the things that I have learned and help fellow Android Developers.